January 14-15 Conference: Comparisons and Connections

January 14-15th Conference Schedule

All non-presenters must register in advance for this meeting.

Friday, January 14th


9:45–10:00 AM

Session 1: Methods

10:00–12:00 noon

  • Moderated by Sixiang Wang (UCLA)
Toward a connected history of reading in Vietnamese and Korean cultures
  • Young Kyun Oh (Arizona State)
Korea and Vietnam in world history: question of the early modern
  • John Duncan (UCLA)
Toward a comparative study of Sinitic legal codes
  • Jaymin Kim (Rice)

Session 2: Nature

  • Moderated by George Dutton (UCLA)

1:00–3:00 PM

Notable changes in the medical culture of late Chosŏn Korea
  • Richard Kim (UCLA)
Environmental histories of Korea and Vietnam: comparisons, approaches, possibilities (Part 1)
  • Bradley Davis (Eastern Connecticut)
Environmental histories of Korea and Vietnam: comparisons, approaches, possibilities (Part 2)
  • John S. Lee (Durham)

Session 3: Vernaculars

  • Moderated by Hyun Suk Park (UCLA)

3:30–5:30 PM

Nôm Script Variation and Textual Layering in an early Sino-Việt dictionary
  • Albert Errickson (Columbia)
Translating Du Fu, Rewriting Li Bai: Vernacularization and Adaptation of Sinitic Poems in Chosŏn Korea
  • Christina Han (Wilfrid Laurier)
Construction of feminine piety in Vietnamese Christian vernacular writing
  • Nhung Tuyet Tran (Toronto)

Saturday, January 15th

Session 4: Encounters

1:00–3:00 PM

  • Moderated by John Phan (Columbia)
At Home in the World’s Wild Edges
  • Kate Baldanza (Penn State)
Ming Loyalist International: Choson and the broader Ming Loyalist world
  • Adam Bohnet (King’s University College)
Not quite others: Korean and Vietnamese Encounters
  • Sixiang Wang (UCLA)

Friday January 21st

Session 5: Identities (Part 1)


Moderated by Young Kyun Oh (Arizona State)

Sinitic speech on the periphery: Annamese Middle Chinese and the question of the Four Commanderies
  • John Phan (Columbia)
Female Entertainers of Chosŏn Korea, Forgotten Actors in the Tributary System
  • Hyun Suk Park (UCLA)

Session 6: Identities (Part 2)


Moderated by Adam Bohnet (King’s University College)

From Hoa 華 to Hán 漢: Ming loyalists, cultural categories, and state-formation in early Nguyễn Vietnam
  • Dan Nguyen (Columbia)
Woodblock Modernities
  • Devin Fitzgerald (UCLA)